October 11th, 2006


"Someone's boring me. I think it's me." - Dylan Thomas

I’m too short on time to keep this damn thing updated. On the rare occasion I do find time to tap something out, the only topics that interest me are a) too mundane to be worth my time and energy or b) too snarky for public internet consumption, locked entry or not.

I am currently working full time at Whole Foods Market [SNARK DELETED] in the Specialty department [MUNDANITY DELETED].

Miriam has a chronic day care cold. This means she wakes up every hour or two all night long [MUNDANITY DELETED].

London After Midnight opened last Friday along with the October edition of The Scrimshaw Show. I worked a full shift Friday before the two shows and then had to open Saturday, do two more shows, open Sunday and do a matinee. Sunday night is sort of a blur [MUNDANITY DELETED]. For the most part though, these two shows involve funny, engaging folks so there is very little snark to delete… [VERY LITTLE SNARK DELETED].

I am doing a guest spot in John Munger’s Third Rabbit Show tonight. He has set a series of dances to James Thurber pieces and I will be reading the part of “The Pet Doctor”. The Rabbit Show is always a blast. No snark here. 7pm at the Bryant Lake Bowl.

Joe and I are calling it quits on monthly shows at the end of the year. Next year is our 10th anniversary performing as The Scrimshaw Brothers so we thought it would be a good time to shake things up. The last Scrimshaw Show will be New Year’s Eve. We intend to do some damage. Come see it. And come see London After Midnight, it runs the next two weekends at the Bryant Lake Bowl, this Thursday and Saturday, 7pm, Sunday at 3pm, then next Friday and Saturday, 7pm and Sunday once again at 3.

Oh, fuck it. Here's a big plug for the Halloween show: