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"Cock your hat - angles are attitudes." - Frank Sinatra

Look what I've been up to...

The cast of Hardcover Theater's London After Midnight
reunites for a brand new, very different kind of show...

Bar Flies

Written by
Shanan Wexler and Joshua English Scrimshaw

"Clever and inventive voices in comedy theater" - Star Tribune

Conceived by Steve Schroer
One of City Pages' 2008 "Artists of the Year"

Naples, New Jersey. 1959. Welcome to Johnny Bocca's Place, where barflies tell bawdy tales of guys and broads. In walks Lenora, a prim housewife with a broken-down Edsel and a mysterious tale of her own...

Johnny Bocca's Sex Farce for Swingin' Lovers takes some of the naughtiest stories from Boccaccio's Decameron - a medieval Italian work similar to Chaucer's Canterbury Tales - and transplants them to America, 600 years later. The result is a hilarious new show loaded with sex, booze, and vintage lounge music.

Emily Brooke Hansen, Arnie Roos, Amy Schweickhardt,
Joshua English Scrimshaw,
Tim Uren, Eric Webster
and Shanan Wexler

Directed by Shanan Wexler
Stage Managed by Kate Elise
Set Design by John Adler
Lighting Design by Julia Gordon
Costume Design by Sara Wilcox
Choreography by Adrienne English Scrimshaw

May 8 through June 1
Thursday/Friday/Saturday 8:00 p.m.
Sunday 3:00 p.m.

Pay What You Can Night: Thursday, May 15
ASL/AD Performance: Friday, May 30

The Playwrights' Center
2301 Franklin Avenue East
Minneapolis, MN

Adults $20; Students/Seniors $17
For reservations, call 612-581-2229
or buy them online.

Bar Flies

Please visit for more information.

This activity is made possible, in part, by funds provided by the Metropolitan Regional Arts Council
through an appropriation by the Minnesota legislature.


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