Mr. English Scrimshaw (jm_engshaw) wrote,
Mr. English Scrimshaw

"A Hallmark card it ain't" - Pioneer Press

From Here to Maternity opened last Saturday. Thankfully Dominic at The Pioneer Press liked it. You will too. Please come see it. Mr. Hlavac, this Saturday is PREGNANT LADIES NIGHT so your wife would get a $2 discount... That's like the cost of one jar of organic baby food... But even if you've never known the burden of offspring, you'll still like the show. Honest.

Meanwhile, life is pretty much moving forward in the groove (good day) or rut (bad day) that is linear time. It's weird but I've grown quite fond of my immediate co-workers. It makes most of my shifts feel entertaining and swift and creates a buffer between me and the EVIL that is store management. So in that respect the day job is a bit more bearable.

Aaron turned seven last week. I bought him a big remote control Dalek. Needless to say he was thrilled. I forgot to switch it from "Try Me" mode to "Off" before I wrapped it. Thankfully Aaron never heard the occasional muffled threats of extermination that randomly emanated from the gift box. I find the new Doctor Who toys infinitely more entertaining than the new show which continues to be belligerently less than it could be. Breaks a geek's heart.

Miriam turns three next month and it shows. She is both terrible and adorable, a gorgeous little tyrant queen.

The wife's still hot. I'd do her.

And did I mention my show, From Here to Maternity?

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