Mr. English Scrimshaw (jm_engshaw) wrote,
Mr. English Scrimshaw

"Only exceptionally rational men can afford to be absurd." -Allan Goldfein


Still jobless. Unemployment ran out last week. Not good.

The children remain cute. Aaron is missing teeth. Miriam turns two tomorrow.

This weekend is the last weekend of London After Midnight. Next weekend is the Scrimshaw Show. The weekend after that is CONvergence and two Soylent Shows. The weekend after that is The Scrimshaw Show 24 remount plus a storytelling showcase with Cheap Theater. Fringe then looms large.

Finally taught myself some basic HTML – only a decade later than everybody else.

I’ve been watching series 2 of Doctor Who and the producer Russell T. Davies has finally turned me into the saddest of all geeks – the fan who hates the show he loves.

Still selling comic books on Ebay. Down to four long boxes. Unfortunately I’m still dealing with the sale from a month back that was missing comic books…

Had a glorious Father’s Day. Did nothing until an evening performance of London After Midnight. Aaron gave me a Doctor Who action figure set with the Ninth Doctor (yay!) and the Tenth Doctor (boo!). Miriam gave me cologne (she’s such a girl).

I end this post with the usual plug:


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