Mr. English Scrimshaw (jm_engshaw) wrote,
Mr. English Scrimshaw

"I shot a man in Reno just to watch him die" - Johnny Cash

After only two movies, I'm inclined to ditch the post-Oscars film fest. My previous post covered my low opinion of Crash. Next on the Netflix cue was Walk the Line. To me, Johnny Cash is THE VOICE. His choice of subject matter is always compelling but, ultimately, it's that deep, trembling, scary, vulnerable voice that makes him iconic. That's why, hokey or not, I would have preferred the use of lip-synching in Walk the Line. This is no rip on Joaquin. He did an admirable job... But he's no Johnny Cash. Nobody is. You have the same problem in bio-pics about Sinatra and the Rat Pack. Some celebrities are just too iconic to be played by, well, other celebrities. Joacquin manages a really great Johnny Cash impression but that's all it is, an impression. So when the recording guy from Sun records is blown away by Joaquin's version Fulsom Prison Blues, it's really hard to believe. And if you take away the music, the film itself is a pretty dull, run-of-the-mill artist struggles to make it big, banish his demons and find true love story. I'm tempted to give Capote (no singing!) a chance but after that I think I'll bump the British television back to the top of my cue. I'm also borrowing all things Buffy from Pat... But that's a whole post of its own.

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