"Cock your hat - angles are attitudes." - Frank Sinatra

Look what I've been up to...

The cast of Hardcover Theater's London After Midnight
reunites for a brand new, very different kind of show...

Bar Flies

Written by
Shanan Wexler and Joshua English Scrimshaw

"Clever and inventive voices in comedy theater" - Star Tribune

Conceived by Steve Schroer
One of City Pages' 2008 "Artists of the Year"

Naples, New Jersey. 1959. Welcome to Johnny Bocca's Place, where barflies tell bawdy tales of guys and broads. In walks Lenora, a prim housewife with a broken-down Edsel and a mysterious tale of her own...

Johnny Bocca's Sex Farce for Swingin' Lovers takes some of the naughtiest stories from Boccaccio's Decameron - a medieval Italian work similar to Chaucer's Canterbury Tales - and transplants them to America, 600 years later. The result is a hilarious new show loaded with sex, booze, and vintage lounge music.

Emily Brooke Hansen, Arnie Roos, Amy Schweickhardt,
Joshua English Scrimshaw,
Tim Uren, Eric Webster
and Shanan Wexler

Directed by Shanan Wexler
Stage Managed by Kate Elise
Set Design by John Adler
Lighting Design by Julia Gordon
Costume Design by Sara Wilcox
Choreography by Adrienne English Scrimshaw

May 8 through June 1
Thursday/Friday/Saturday 8:00 p.m.
Sunday 3:00 p.m.

Pay What You Can Night: Thursday, May 15
ASL/AD Performance: Friday, May 30

The Playwrights' Center
2301 Franklin Avenue East
Minneapolis, MN

Adults $20; Students/Seniors $17
For reservations, call 612-581-2229
or buy them online.

Bar Flies

Please visit for more information.

This activity is made possible, in part, by funds provided by the Metropolitan Regional Arts Council
through an appropriation by the Minnesota legislature.


"A Hallmark card it ain't" - Pioneer Press

From Here to Maternity opened last Saturday. Thankfully Dominic at The Pioneer Press liked it. You will too. Please come see it. Mr. Hlavac, this Saturday is PREGNANT LADIES NIGHT so your wife would get a $2 discount... That's like the cost of one jar of organic baby food... But even if you've never known the burden of offspring, you'll still like the show. Honest.

Meanwhile, life is pretty much moving forward in the groove (good day) or rut (bad day) that is linear time. It's weird but I've grown quite fond of my immediate co-workers. It makes most of my shifts feel entertaining and swift and creates a buffer between me and the EVIL that is store management. So in that respect the day job is a bit more bearable.

Aaron turned seven last week. I bought him a big remote control Dalek. Needless to say he was thrilled. I forgot to switch it from "Try Me" mode to "Off" before I wrapped it. Thankfully Aaron never heard the occasional muffled threats of extermination that randomly emanated from the gift box. I find the new Doctor Who toys infinitely more entertaining than the new show which continues to be belligerently less than it could be. Breaks a geek's heart.

Miriam turns three next month and it shows. She is both terrible and adorable, a gorgeous little tyrant queen.

The wife's still hot. I'd do her.

And did I mention my show, From Here to Maternity?

"Love and pregnancy and riding on a camel cannot be hid." ~Arabic Proverb

This is why I've been too busy to post... well this and the children and the forty hour a week job.

Before this I was too busy with London After Midnight Episode 5 which was a great show. If you have a time machine, go back and see it. Definitely the best of the three episodes I did.

Have I mentioned how glad I am not to be doing a monthly late night comedy show?

I'm off to read a few chapters of a new Doctor Who book, I Am A Dalek, to young master Aaron. He can read now but he still stumbles over words here and there. He's smart enough to know he can sucker me into reading to him if it's Doctor Who related. Plus his mom's at parent teacher conferences so we'd better have some fun before she brings home the old report card...

"Satire is the right hand of burlesque." - Voltaire

Voltaire was a dick but he's always good for a quote... Hey, I'm doing this Burlesque show on Thursday, aka tomorrow. Supposedly I "directed" it but only in the sense that Joe and I "directed" Look Ma No Pants or The Scrimshaw Show. A better description might be "herding cats". Still, it's going to be a fun show. Sadly, the city has been cracking down on burlesque. I'm still hazy on the details. I don't know if it's a license or zoning issue but the end result is no tassels or g-strings. The ladies have to wear full bras and opaque cheek hugging underpants. And to make sure we comply, The Man is sending some William Burroughs-esque flesh narc to watch for innappropriate glimpses of girl goodies. Ladies and gentlemen, your tax dollars are being well spent. Needless to say, with the pressure from the city, we could really use your support. So if you're not doing anything tomorrow night and you'd like to see some bawdy comedy, not to mention beautiful ladies in conservative underpants, this is the show for you!


"Someone's boring me. I think it's me." - Dylan Thomas

I’m too short on time to keep this damn thing updated. On the rare occasion I do find time to tap something out, the only topics that interest me are a) too mundane to be worth my time and energy or b) too snarky for public internet consumption, locked entry or not.

I am currently working full time at Whole Foods Market [SNARK DELETED] in the Specialty department [MUNDANITY DELETED].

Miriam has a chronic day care cold. This means she wakes up every hour or two all night long [MUNDANITY DELETED].

London After Midnight opened last Friday along with the October edition of The Scrimshaw Show. I worked a full shift Friday before the two shows and then had to open Saturday, do two more shows, open Sunday and do a matinee. Sunday night is sort of a blur [MUNDANITY DELETED]. For the most part though, these two shows involve funny, engaging folks so there is very little snark to delete… [VERY LITTLE SNARK DELETED].

I am doing a guest spot in John Munger’s Third Rabbit Show tonight. He has set a series of dances to James Thurber pieces and I will be reading the part of “The Pet Doctor”. The Rabbit Show is always a blast. No snark here. 7pm at the Bryant Lake Bowl.

Joe and I are calling it quits on monthly shows at the end of the year. Next year is our 10th anniversary performing as The Scrimshaw Brothers so we thought it would be a good time to shake things up. The last Scrimshaw Show will be New Year’s Eve. We intend to do some damage. Come see it. And come see London After Midnight, it runs the next two weekends at the Bryant Lake Bowl, this Thursday and Saturday, 7pm, Sunday at 3pm, then next Friday and Saturday, 7pm and Sunday once again at 3.

Oh, fuck it. Here's a big plug for the Halloween show:


"I'm still a geek on the inside, that's the important thing." - Weird Al

I saw Superman Returns last night. There was much to praise but at the same time... there was something weird about it. I think we're starting to see a strange, new Hollywood phenomenon. For more than a decade now, Hollywood has recognized the power of geeks as a fanbase but with Peter Jackson's rise to fame they are now recognizing the power of geeks as creators. I mention Jackson because Superman Returns reminds me very much of Jackson's King Kong. I think both these films serve as reminders that geeks in high places can be a double edged sword. King Kong and Superman Returns are amazing and sometimes perfect movies but at the heart of both films there's an adoration of the original source material that verges on fetishism. Essentially, they feel like fan films. Incredible, breathtaking, pinch-me-I'm-dreaming fan films, but fan films all the same. Is that a bad thing? I'm not sure yet... but I'll definitely take great but vaguely unsatisfying films like King Kong and Superman Returns over heartless, by-the-numbers blockbusters like X-Men III. Of course, I wish they all could be Spider-Man.

"Only exceptionally rational men can afford to be absurd." -Allan Goldfein


Still jobless. Unemployment ran out last week. Not good.

The children remain cute. Aaron is missing teeth. Miriam turns two tomorrow.

This weekend is the last weekend of London After Midnight. Next weekend is the Scrimshaw Show. The weekend after that is CONvergence and two Soylent Shows. The weekend after that is The Scrimshaw Show 24 remount plus a storytelling showcase with Cheap Theater. Fringe then looms large.

Finally taught myself some basic HTML – only a decade later than everybody else.

I’ve been watching series 2 of Doctor Who and the producer Russell T. Davies has finally turned me into the saddest of all geeks – the fan who hates the show he loves.

Still selling comic books on Ebay. Down to four long boxes. Unfortunately I’m still dealing with the sale from a month back that was missing comic books…

Had a glorious Father’s Day. Did nothing until an evening performance of London After Midnight. Aaron gave me a Doctor Who action figure set with the Ninth Doctor (yay!) and the Tenth Doctor (boo!). Miriam gave me cologne (she’s such a girl).

I end this post with the usual plug: